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“Good Practice and Piece of Mind” - Professionally Designed & Constructed

“Good Practice and Piece of Mind”

In today's demanding construction environment, house building is no longer just a matter of procuring land and constructing a house. Strict compliance to stringent building and environmental regulations, along with high insulation values is a commitment McNulty Homes takes seriously. Our objective is always providing the quality that a buyer should expect.

Our homes are constructed by using the best timber frame technology, increased wall thickness and high performance products so as to achieve the highest of insulation values, all produced in a controlled factory environment delivered to and ready for construction on site.

This not only ensures that each house is well constructed but also helps protect the environment due to less omissions from overrunning central heating systems. Notwithstanding any of the above, other resultant benefits and factors are a more economically heated house, saving you money and less strain on natural resources.



Quality checks are made during the construction phases by an NHBC inspector and, only after each section of work is signed off by the inspector then the next process can continue. This is a fundamental procedure that is a requirement of the NHBC to provide the assurance to each house purchaser that their 10 year warranty is upheld by the NHBC.

With piece of mind that your purchase is covered and guaranteed under a warranty you can also take pleasure in knowing that your home is energy efficient and thus environmentally friendly.

Whether you are a sole individual and your requirements are for a one off house, a corporate company or a housing organisation, McNulty Homes can meet your requirements and provide you with quality housing that suits your needs.